EXO’s Kai Explains The Difference In How EXO And X-EXO Speak And Chanyeol Had The Best Response

Chanyeol’s wit strikes again.

In a recent live broadcast, the members of EXO caught up with fans after the release of their “OBSESSED” comeback!

There, member Kai decided to explain the difference in how EXO’s social media accounts speak compared to X-EXO.

He explained that EXO speaks politely and are friendly. On the other hand, X-EXO speaks arrogantly.

Member Chen said he wasn’t aware that X-EXO spoke arrogantly since he doesn’t check up on social media that often.

Upon hearing that X-EXO speaks arrogantly online, Chanyeol had a hilarious response.

Ah, is that so? Then they (X-EXO) won’t last long if they’re arrogant!

It’s a good thing the boys of EXO are gentlemen! Check out the clip here: