EXO’s Kai Reveals The Touching Way He Took A Painful Memory And Turned It Into Something Positive

Kai truly is inspirational

EXO’s Kai is seen as one of the most talented and charismatic idols on stage.

Fans have been awe in the confidence that he exudes whenever he dances and performs, that some even think it is supernatural.

Yet, many also know that it has been a journey for Kai.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Non-no Magazine, Kai was given a quirky question, asking what his favorite body part.

Kai gave an equally as interesting answer, when he said that his favorite body part is his left index finger.

With such an unusual response, Kai revealed that this left index finger means something special to him about self-acceptance.

Kai had been training in ballet since the third grade, but he reveals a painful experience occurred around that age.

During elementary school on the way to ballet class, my finger got caught in a car door.

Consequently, the fingernail broke and after this painful injury, part of the fingernail never grew back.

Kai revealed that for years, it was a source of agony having to look at his broken fingernail and be reminded of this memory.

Previously when I looked at it, painful memories came so I hated it

Yet surprisingly, Kai grew to accept that this broken fingernail is a part of him and his experiences.

Despite the pain that was associated with this injury, he gradually began to take this discomfort and turn it into appreciation.

Now I think it’s cute

All of us have had painful experiences in the past, they may leave a mark on us.

But Kai’s experience shows that part of growing up is learning to accept ourselves and to be confident in our physical appearances.

Something that was a traumatic experience, now gives Kai something beautiful to appreciate.

Now whenever Kai is asked a question about his favorite body part, you know what the answer is going to be.