EXO’s Kai Shows His Contrasting Personalities Within Just Few Minutes And It’s Amazing

Many Faces of Kai!

EXO-Ls all know EXO‘s Kai has many sides to him. He can be cool one minute and be cutest living human in the world the next. In the never-before-seen episode of Travel The World On EXO’s Ladder Season 2we get to see the different side of Kai in very few minutes.

First, check out Kai’s cold and distant facial expression toward Chen‘s aegyo. It was funny to see Kai’s disapproval of his hyung‘s adorable efforts to get two ice creams to share. He looks at Chen like how people stare at the parents of a kid who’s crying on the floor for a new toy.

Then he becomes the cool dongseng who speak up for his member and asks Suho to get two ice creams for Chen. He still seems not pleased with Chen’s aegyo but he doesn’t mind to go along with it.

But, Kai changes his attitude when Suho began to hand feed the ice cream to the members. Do you see Kai waiting patiently with his mouth open for a bite? He looks like a little kid who can’t wait to get a treat! What was with the arm crossing and the cold looks he had before?

If this doesn’t remind you of his resemblance to a certain yellow bird, I don’t know what will.

Watch the full clip here:


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