EXO’s Kai Tries His Best To Show His Food Like A YouTuber

He tried his best.

EXO’s Kai turned on his Instagram live while at a restaurant with his good friend Timoteo. They were both waiting for VIXX’s Ravi as they were meeting up to celebrate his birthday. Turns out, Ravi arrived just before the dessert came out because he was running late.

While waiting for Ravi, Kai and Timoteo tried to do a mukbang while eating. Timoteo gave a demonstration on how to show food the proper way.

Kai tried his best to follow the demo and show food the way YouTubers do on their channels.

Kai, however, covered his face with his hands in order to try and properly show the food instead of putting the object close to the camera with his hands behind it.

Fans found it cute that although he tried to focus on the food, the fork was more visible than the actual food itself.

Watch the video below for the full broadcast of their mukbang adventures!