EXO’s Lay Was Allegedly Kicked Out Of SM Entertainment Back When He Was A Trainee

Fans say he shared this revelation during his time on “Idol Producer”.

A K-Pop fan took to the internet to ask what are the reasons K-Pop trainees can be kicked out of their agency. We know that Super Junior‘s Heechul admitted to being kicked out of SM Entertainment when he was a trainee because he was arrogant. But, what literally nobody expected was an EXO-L’s response to the post.

Young Heechul (left)

The fan said:

Lay of EXO was kicked out as a trainee for starting a fight with another trainee over a bowl of rice. After a long day of training, Lay was famished and saw a bowl of rice on the table. He dug in hurriedly, and another trainee was angry when he saw Lay eating the meal that he prepared. Both trainee were so tired and hungry that they exchanged heated words and fought. SM caught news of this incident and sent Lay packing back into China. Lay was very saddened and had a self reflection, and he thought about how his hard work was going down the drain. SM later gave him another chance and he’s been working hard to prove himself ever since.

—Man Du, K-Pop Fan

Source: Man Du/Quora

When the respondent was taken to task for their answer in the comments, another fan came to their defense, explaining that Lay had said it himself when discussing his time as a trainee when he was a mentor on Idol Producer in China.



While we didn’t have any luck finding the clip ourselves, we did find this lovely clip of Lay reflecting on his time as a trainee.

When I debuted… Because maybe not many people paid attention, after I had time to learn more skills, to practice. Practice can be all night until I felt good in my heart. This is the best you can do. Do the things you like to the upmost, do it for yourself and for the world who is doubting you.


Whether the rumor is true or not, Lay is undoubtedly an incredible artist with great talent and SM Entertainment is truly fortunate to count him among their artists.

Source: Quora