EXO’s Lay called Suho a lady while bowling and it was hilarious

On a recent bowling trip, EXO’s Lay, with some quick thinking, chirped Suho in English.

EXO has always been rather playful with their leader. The members frequently joke around with Suho showing how comfortable they are with each other.

During a live broadcast, EXO went bowling together and just like any other outing, the group began to get rambunctious. None of them wanted to be the first to bowl when a humorous scene surprisingly broke out between two of the most notoriously gentle members, Lay and Suho.

Upon trying to figure out the order with such a large group of people, Lay quickly remarks in the chaos, “ladies first,” beckoning towards Suho. His quick wit cracked the rest of the group up immediately. Suho remained a little confused until Chen told him he already lost the battle and he was going to be the one to start. The gracious leader agreed without much protest and went first, making the small sacrifice for the others.

It’s clear that EXO knows their limits with him and Suho knows how to handle their humor.

Watch the cute and funny scene below.

this is still the best thing to ever exist

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