EXO’s Lay didn’t know he was on camera, but what he did shows his true colors

We’ve all wondered what our favorite celebs are like off-camera, so what happens when EXO‘s Lay doesn’t realize he’s being filmed?

Lay became the first EXO member to debut as a solo artist this year with the release of his Chinese album and music video, Lose Control

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To commemorate this, SM Entertainment released a special behind-the-scenes video of his MV filming. This allowed fans a peek at the making of “Lose Control”. The bts scenes of the MV shoot however also showed a glimpse of what Lay is really like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“161115 | kasper0524: “Lay - Lose Control @zyxzjs 오늘 더쇼 첫방해요오 Choreo by @kasper0524 @ian_eastwood,@brianpuspos #sbs #theshow ”
Lay and his dancers showing off their best “L’s” for “Lose Control”

Known as a kind and gentle individual, EXO and fans call Lay their “unicorn” because he’s so precious! But does he actually live up to his nickname in real life?

During the making of his MV, the female lead is seen to be walking across an oddly shaped platform as Lay is sitting down. But when he sees her, he doesn’t hesitate to stand and support her holding the woman’s hand as she gracefully tiptoes her way off set.

Check out the behind the scenes video and watch him show his gentle nature at 1:53

Lay can channel his charismatic and sensual side when he’s performing and in the zone, but off stage he’s a gentleman like no other. His love and appreciation for EXO-Ls are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. He even took the time out to watch fan reactions of his “What U Need” music video!

“161113: Lose Control fansign in Seoul | 엘감 IMM ”

Lay proves that when you’re truly a kind person at heart, those around will notice and appreciate you.

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