Lay gives the most surprising answer when asked about his ideal style

EXO‘s gentleman gave a surprising answer when asked to comment on the ideal hairstyle he prefers on a woman.

Once again Lay melted hearts when he responded to a question about which hairstyle he preferred on girls.

During an interview, a reporter asked, “What’s your preferred hairstyle, long or short?” Lay responded in a surprising and polite way.

“Are you talking about male or female? If it’s female I don’t care what kind of hair she has.”
Lay of EXO

Lay confirms he is 100% Boyfriend Material / Source: Surfanon

Further confirming his answer, Lay added that he is more attracted to girls who have confidence in themselves.

 “I like it if the girl likes herself.” 

Lay of EXO

Lay has proven to have no preference when it comes to his ideal type. He is sensitive in respect to how happy a girl is just the way she is, making this another reason why Lay is boyfriend material.

Source: Dispatch