EXO’s Lay Reveals His Phone’s Wallpapers…And It’ll Have EXO-Ls Crying

This will hit EXO-Ls right in the feels.

It’s been quite some time since Lay has been a part of an EXO song, as the last title track he was a part of was “Tempo”.

While Lay hasn’t been with EXO physically for their promotions, he has still shown his love for his brothers many times. One of these moments is when Lay flew to South Korea just so he could see D.Oย before he enlisted into the military.

Lay also displayed his love for the members on a recent episode of CZR 2 – I’m Singer-Songwriter. Lay showed off his home screen wallpaper with a smile, and it turns out that his wallpaper is of the EXO members!

It wasn’t just Lay’s home screen wallpaper that was dedicated to EXO, as Lay revealed that his lock screen wallpaper is also of the EXO members. Lay even shares some beautiful details of EXO’s relationship and how they always try to spend time together.

Here is the full video below!