EXO’s D.O. Reveals He’s Always Thinking About Erotic Things

It’s always on his mind.

EXO’s D.O. confessed in front of all his fans that he constantly thinks about erotic things!


During a fan signing, Xiumin asked for advice on how to make hair grow faster.


As the rest of the members took the time to think it over, D.O. quickly grabbed the mic.


What he said next astounded even the members.

“You have to think dirty things.” — D.O.


Chanyeol revealed just how many times D.O. has sexual thoughts in a day.

“Didn’t you know? D.O. shaves his hair once a day.” — Chanyeol


But D.O. apparently thinks erotic thoughts more often than his members know!

“I actually shave my hair twice a day!” — D.O.


And fans went absolutely crazy for D.O.’s adorable sexy secret!


Who would’ve guessed that behind his signature stoic expressions, he’s thinking some of the most risque thoughts ever imagined!


Check out D.O.’s complete confession below!