EXO’s Sehun Was Once Busted For Sneaking In Kimbap For f(x)

Sehun was just a trainee when this happened

EXO’s Sehun may be the maknae of the group but prior to debut he had been training for more than four years.

This meant that for some time he trained alongside his seniors, the legendary and critically acclaimed f(x).

Krystal previously revealed a hilarious story that occurred during their training days. This story became known among EXO-Ls and MeUs as the “kimbap incident”.

In preparation for their debut, all the f(x) members were put on a diet. Unfortunately they were starting to have some food cravings.

Knowing that they would get scolded if they tried to order food, f(x) came out with an ingenious plan that involved an unwitting pawn.

That someone was 14 year old Sehun.

The teenaged Sehun was somehow convinced by f(x) to order kimbap for them and to sneak it in for them.

Unfortunately f(x) and Sehun were busted by f(x)’s manager.

However, Krystal still remembers the series of events, even recalling that she asked Sehun to sneak in tuna kimbap for her.

Although the trainees sadly got caught, this goes to show how loyal and considerate Sehun is for his seniors, even when it meant breaking the rules.

Amber even chose Sehun as the idol from EXO who would make the best husband, due to his giving nature.

But fans will definitely treasure the “kimbap incident” as one of the funniest and most absurd stories of S.M. Entertainment.

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