EXO’s Sehun Was The Cutest Maknae Who Couldn’t Sleep Alone

“Hyung! Baekhyunee Hyung!!”

EXO’s Sehun is usually the epitome of “Maknae on Top” with his cool attitude and bold actions but sometimes he’s just the baby of the group who needs the protection of his hyungs.

Just like Suho revealed before, Sehun can’t sleep by himself.

Q: Why are you guys sharing a room when everyone is sleeping by themselves?

Suho: First, we’re roommates and Sehun can’t sleep by himself.

Sehun: It’s a pretty well known fact.


On the latest episode of Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season 2, Sehun finally joined the rest of the group in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He was just in time to choose a room to sleep and each member had to play the ladder to find out if they’ll sleep alone in a luxury bedroom or to sleep together as a group of 4.

While all of the members desperately wanted to get a room for themselves, it seemed like Sehun didn’t want to be left by himself. He wasn’t thrilled when he was chosen to sleep in the downstair’s bedroom all to himself.

He desperately asked Suho to sleep on the couch. And offered to give D.O. the bed if he would jump in the water but D.O. was firm to deny the offer.

“Suho hyung, why don’t you sleep here on the sofa?”

“This is like a penalty for Sehun. Have fun all alone~”

Sehun couldn’t believe his hyungs would leave him so cold and admitted he was scared to be left alone in such a big place.

Scaredy cat Maknae

“You guys are leaving? You are leaving me by myself?”

“It’s scary…”

Sehun went to Chanyeol’s room to ask if he isn’t scared. Chanyeol assured Sehun it would be ok and sent him back to his room.

But Sehun had to double check with Baekhyun if he was really sleeping by himself. It was so cute Sehun wanted to get assurance from his hyungs while waiting for them to offer to sleep with him.

After visiting Baekhyun’s room, Sehun went back to his lonesome, but he kept on coming up whenever he felt scared.



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