EXO’s Sehun Has A New Nickname Thanks To His Dog and It’s So Funny

The luckiest dog alive

EXO members are known for their love of furry little friends. The cute companions are almost as famous as the human counterparts and fans can’t get enough of the cuteness overload.

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Among the famous EXO furbabies, Sehun’s Bichon Frise, Vivi, is definitely the fan favorite. Sehun has shared many photos and video of Vivi over the years via Instagram and appeared on many EXO video contents with his adored pet. Vivi captured EXO-L’s hearts with his adorable face expression and calm demeanor on camera and tiny size.

However, fans were totally shocked to see Vivi’s new appearance when he appeared on a game streaming video last September.

It seemed like Vivi doubled in size was now big enough to cover Sehun’s body.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about the drastic change in Vivi and wondered if Vivi just seemed bigger because of his fluffy fur or if Sehun did something to enlarge his dog.

After comparing Vivi to his old photo, EXO-L has given Sehun a funny nickname, 강아지 확대범 (Dog Enlarger)

EXO-Ls had a good laugh while sharing memes and fans posts about the pooch and wished Vivi will be happy regardless his size.





Source: The Qoo