EXO’s Suho Goes All Out on His First Ever Kiss Scene

EXO‘s Suho hypnotized fans with his passionate kiss scene for MBC‘s web series, Star of the Universe.

Suho plays the character Woo Joo, a talented star with beautiful vocals and charming good looks who falls in love with an angel of death, Byul (played by actress Ji Woo). The web series captures the blossoming relationship between Woo Joo and Byul, who struggle to maintain their romantic and forbidden relationship.

On episode 14, the two stars finally shared a passionate kiss as they confront their feelings for each other. The two found each other at an amusement park, where Woo Ju presented Byul a beautiful necklace before the two were caught by Woo Ju fans. As they finally managed to get away, they found themselves face to face with each other and proceeded to kiss. Colorful fireworks exploded in the sky behind them as Michael Jackson‘s  “Love Never Felt So Good” played in the background.

Take a look at how smooth Suho is at kissing below:

First step to a kiss, the eyes lock.

Then he slowly inches in.

Caresses her like a boss and even gives her a little eskimo kiss.

Now imagine you’re the one he’s kissing.

Source: Dispatch