EXO’s Suho Meets With Children Who Were Born The Same Year As The Release Of “Growl”

His album is a reflection of the past eight years.

On April 1, ODG posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring EXO’s Suho. Suho, who recently released his debut EP Self-Portrait on March 20, participated in the video to share his new song to children.

When he asked how old the children were, they stated that they were born in 2013.

This was interesting as 2013 was the same year that EXO released their popular song, “Growl.”

Confused, the kids asked, “Growl?” 

Suho explained to them about the group EXO and what a popular group they were.

It didn’t help much as the kids literally had no idea who EXO was.

When asked what the kid’s favorite song was, they answered with Zico‘s “Any Song.”

After dancing along with the kids, Suho jokes around and says he’s leaving.

After performing his new title track, “Let’s Love,” the kids give their thoughts on it. Suho explains that this album is about him reflecting on himself from the past eight years.

He hopes that he will be remembered as someone who spreads a positive influence on others.

Check out the full video below for more details on his new album and his thought process behind it!