EXO’s Kai Once Suggested This Member To Wear Crop Tops But Was Turned Down

Please change your mind!!

EXO’s Kai is famous for wearing crop tops on stage. His style always grabs EXO-L’s attention and make headlines.

EXO-Ls always wondered why Kai was the only member who wears the crop tops and this might be the answer.

When Kai and Suho appeared on SBS radio, Choi Hwa-jung’s Powertime, a fan asked Kai to choose an EXO member he will recommend wearing crop tops with him.

“Personally, I think it would be so funny if all of the members wore crop tops together. But if I have to choose some who will look best in a crop top… I’m not saying this because he’s next to me, but I think Suho really will look good in a crop top. First, he has a good body…”

But, even before Kai finished his answer, Suho was quick to turn the offer down.

“Kai’s skin is tanned so his muscles look good under the stage light. But I’m really pale, which I don’t like, so my muscles get washed out under the light and my stomach looks like a baby. So I said ‘no’ to wearing crop tops from the beginning  .”


Choi Hwa-jung double checked to see if Suho had no plans to wear crop tops anytime soon, but Suho’s mind was made up.

“No, I don’t”

We can’t agree with Sehun’s opinions and now only thing we can think of is Suho wearing a crop top. While we hope he will change his mind, we won’t hold our breath since his decision seems to be firm.

Source: Youtube