EXO’s Suho’s Report Card Was Once Revealed…Then He Revealed Some Details About His Past Love Life

Suho wasn’t shy about talking about his past love life.

On an episode of Problematic Men, the cast took a look at Suho‘s (EXO) report card. One of the first things the cast noticed was how great of a student Suho was.

The cast also noticed how Suho’s dream occupation changed often. He originally wanted to be a businessman because of his parent’s desires. A year later, he wrote that he desired to be a singer, which his parents originally didn’t agree with.

Suho’s parents eventually gave in to Suho and supported his desire to become a singer.

The cast members also found something that stood out in Suho’s report card.

Suho reveals that the music classes he took in school had nothing to do with singing. They were more focused on memorizing, which Suho wasn’t the biggest fan of.

Overall, Suho’s report card showed how good of a student he was.

The cast then suddenly asked Suho about his love life when he was a student. Suho wasn’t shy about it and answered immediately.

Suho had a girlfriend when he was in high school, where they dated for around 2 years. Suho also gives quite the answer when asked if she was his “first love”.

Here is the full video below!