EXO’s Xiumin has gone from cute to studly in just 5 years

EXO‘s Xiumin has undergone an astounding transformation over the last 5 years and has gone from cute and boyish to rugged and manly before our very eyes.

EXO debuted in 2012 when Xiumin was already 22 years old but he always looked incredibly young for his age due to his adorable round cheeks that earned him the nickname “Little Bun”. Xiumin’s features, however, seem to finally be maturing as he has grown from a cute young man into a handsome man in his late twenties and fans can’t get enough.

Check out his amazing masculine transformation below!


His surprised look is so adorable
Those cheeks are definitely his signature
Why does he look so lost?
He looked so young back then
Those cheeks strike again


In 2013, he was already looking a bit more mature.
Yet, many would say he still did not look his age.
Xiumin’s new hairstyle definitely suited him.
His smile is so cute.
His cheeky expression, though.



2014’s Xiumin was looking more mature still.
The suit also makes him look more mature and masculine.
What a piercing gaze.
Is this where his looks started to change?
The smolder is enough to melt any fangirl’s heart.
Looking fierce
Just exuding his manly sexiness.


By the time 2015 rolled around, Xiumin’s cheeks had slimmed down and his face had become more defined.
That gaze, though.
Look at that jawline.
Did he lose weight here?
He looks like a prince.


In 2016, Xiumin already started to have the look we associate him with now.
That red eyeshadow is a good look on him.
Looking very much the cold, chic city man.
What a determined gaze


Xiumin’s all grown up.
No one can escape that gaze.
Those piercing blue contacts are fierce.
What a beautiful shot of his present look.

Bonus: The Real ‘Manly’ Xiumin

Where did that body come from??
He must have worked out so much.
Whatta Man.