Fans Discover Evidence That EXO Xiumin May Soon Become Dr.Xiumin

EXO‘s Xiumin proves himself to be an intelligent man that values education by working hard to finish his doctorate program!

Previously in 2014, Xiumin majored in music for his master’s degree at Catholic Kwandong University. His professors have noted that he was a model student who never missed any assignment and attended most of the classes, even though he was part of a popular boy group.

Even amidst busy schedules, Xiumin was seen giving a Powerpoint presentations on music practical utilization program and its case studies. His presentation didn’t last long at the time as he had to attend an event with his fellow EXO members somewhere else.

On March 28th, Xiumin was spotted by fans at Hoseo University.

Xiumin folding his hands politely in the hallway while speaking with a staff member.

Xiumin was kind enough to sign autographs for the students that attended the university!

The lucky fans also got a picture with him!

Many were wondering what he was doing at the university until a fan who attended Hoseo University spoke up. According to them, Xiumin is currently enrolled in a doctorate program with a major that is not contemporary or practical music and is finishing up his final courses!

“Xiumin came to Hoseo University for the doctorate program. He’s entered the completion process beginning this year; by the way, he is not majoring in the Contemporary/Practical Music department. I am a student currently attending so this is accurate information~~”

“@NEATORTINY I wrote [my original tweet] a bit vague and confusing, but [Xiumin] is already currently enrolledㅠㅠ What I meant to say was that he’s currently in the process of finishing his degree, but it came out wrong. Hope there aren’t any misunderstandings!”

As Xiumin has always been very secretive when it came to his school life, there probably won’t be an official announcement released on this issue. In other news, Chen has recently joined Hanyang Cyber University’s graduate program.