This Experience Made TWICE’s Nayeon Motivated To Work Harder

Aww, Nayeon!

In her recent appearance on Knowing Brothers with her fellow member TWICE‘s Dahyun and Park JinyoungNayeon asked the cast an interesting question about herself.

She shared that she had an experience that really motivated her to work harder, and challenged the cast and asked the them what they thought it was.

There could be multiple answers for this question, but Nayeon’s answer was something no one expected!

She shared that she was once approached by a guy who asked for her number, and didn’t know who TWICE was.

Nayeon realized that she needed to work harder because of that experience. She opened up and said that she honestly thought that the boy who approached her would know who she is, or at least the idol group she’s from, but the guy had no idea who TWICE was or that Nayeon was a celebrity.

She admitted that this experience made her want to push herself more and work harder to make TWICE more known or popular than they already are.