Expert Reveals The Messages Behind 3 Of BTS’s Famous Dances

There are messages break through language barriers to touch fans across the world!

Korean culture and arts researcher Youngin Jo studied the choreography from three of BTS‘s songs and analyzed the meanings behind them in relation to the impact it has had on the music industry.

She said that BTS “convey messages through their music and lyrics while also conveying emotion through their dances.” 

Looking at their 2016 hit “Blood Sweat & Tears,” she focused on the links to traditional Korean dances. In particular, she compared it to the form of dance called sabangchigi.

Through the structure of the moves, she believed that the right-left–up-down movement represents an interaction between the sky and earth. It is something that showcases the “meaning of humanity” and the interactions we have with nature around us.

In their 2019 hit “Boy With Luv” with Halsey, the focus was on the simple motions within the choreography. In particular, the move when Jimin was in the centre and the other members moved in a circle around him.

This time, she compared it to the traditional ganggangsullae dance which uses simple motions to express exhilaration. It is a testament to BTS’s ability to effortlessly fuse together two forms of dance to create something new and unique in K-Pop.

Finally, she analyzed Jimin’s solo dance in “Spring Day.”

With a more nostalgic feeling, Jimin’s moves used elements of modern and interpretive Korean dance styles to create something majestic and balletic. The skill in doing this could be because of the dedication Jimin has put into studying dance throughout the years.

Inspired by French scholar Patrice Pavis’s words, she stated that, with their Korean influences, the dancing that they’re doing is expanding the contemporary Korean culture for anyone who is watching them.

With praise like this, it is no surprise that they have taken the world by storm and broke down geographical barriers through their music.

Source: Weverse