These Are The Expressions Of Men When Looking At TWICE’s Mina

We don’t blame them.

TWICE‘s Mina is gorgeous, and her fans know this better than anyone else. With her effortless grace and elegance, she’s easily one of the most beautiful women in South Korea.

In a resurfaced clip of Mnet‘s Hit The Stage, fans have uncovered the natural reaction men have towards Mina…and no one is surprised!

When Mina was talking during a segment of the show, the camera panned to Kwanghee, who hilariously had the biggest smile on his face. He didn’t even try to hide his fanboying.

Viewers had a good laugh when they noticed that it wasn’t just Kwanghee who was happy to see Mina—so was the entire male audience!

The genuine smiles on all of their faces shows just how great an effect Mina has on men wherever she goes.

If you needed proof of her popularity, what better example than this?

Source: Pann