“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh’s Caring Actions On Set Showcase His True Personality

He’s charming onscreen and offscreen!

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Actor and singer Kang Tae Oh, who plays the kind and caring Hanbada Law Firm employee Lee Junho in the popular drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, is earning attention for being as thoughtful as his character in real life.

Kang Tae Oh (left) and Park Eun Bin (right) in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” | ENA

While those who watch the show might still be reeling from the emotional events in episodes 13 and 14, The Swoon uploaded a video of some fun behind-the-scenes content from the drama to lift spirits while we wait to see what happens to the show’s beloved characters.


The Swoon video showed some heartwarming moments behind the scenes that lend to the chemistry the actors bring to the show. In a previous interview with The Swoon, actors Kang Tae Oh, Park Eun Bin, and Kang Ki Young (who plays Jung Myung Suk) were asked to “list three things your costars do that make hearts flutter so much it’s illegal.

Kang Tae Oh answered that Park Eun Bin, his love interest in the show, was “so lovely that she makes people get addicted to her.” A compilation of offscreen moments showed her funny and charming personality behind the scenes.

When asked to list two of Kang Tae Oh’s charms, Jung Myung Suk said he was “cool, silly, and goofy.” Park Eun Bin added that he has a “nice personality” and is “easygoing, calm, and collected.” The accompanying footage showed some goofy moments but also caring and heart-fluttering moments between him and Park Eun Bin.

In the scene where Park Eun Bin’s character fell while climbing to see a 500-year-old hackberry tree with the Hanbada team and their client, Kang Tae Oh’s character rushes to help her stand. While they joked around behind the scenes, the cameras also caught Kang Tae Oh carefully dusting the dirt off Park Eun Bin’s clothing and gently picking something out of her hair.

The two also had a sweet moment when Park Eun Bin went for a high-five, and Kang Tae Oh kept his hands against hers.

Kang Tae Oh’s heartwarming moments behind the scene show his kind personality, which is likely what makes his character in the show so lovable!

Check out the full video below for more behind-the-scenes moments.

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