“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun Bin Shows Just How Humble She Is After Returning From Vacation

This is one of the many reasons we love her!

Recently, actress Park Eun Bin returned to Korea from her reward vacation to Bali after filming the popular ENA K-Drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She arrived at the airport in a casual outfit of jeans, windbreaker, and hat.

| BIMONG/YouTube

What shocked fans and reporters the most was her reaction towards everyone that was waiting for her arrival. She bowed 90 degrees as she passed through the entry gate and continued to greet fans until she got into her car.

| BIMONG/YouTube

Netizens that watched the arrival video couldn’t help but be shocked that an actress who has been in this career for over 20 years continued to stay polite and humble. 

| BIMONG/YouTube
  • “It’s so great to see an actress of over 20 years continue to greet fans all the way to their car”.
  • “I’m glad to see that she returned safely from her vacation.”
  • “She has worked so hard all these years. I’m happy to see her enjoy. Her vacation.”

Source: wikitree