Extreme Fans Put Up A Huge Ad To Support Ha Sungwoon And Even Wannables Are Embarrassed

It’s definitely not the average K-Pop idol ad.

Since the live broadcast controversy, fans have been trying to protect WANNA ONE member Ha Sungwoon from accusations.


A group of netizens have been leaving malicious comments about Ha Sungwoon since his voice seemed to be cursing repeatedly on the controversial Star Live broadcast.

Wanna One Fans Call The “Star Live” Controversy A Witch Hunt Against The Members


Some fans have taken the matter as far as paying for huge ads to go up in Myeong-dong, a large metropolitan area in Seoul, Korea.

The green ad reads, “Please protect Ha Sungwoon.”


And the yellow ad reads, “Ha Sungwoon did nothing wrong.”


Since the other Wannables noticed the ads and shared pictures of them online, there have been requests to have the ads removed.

Fans are concerned that the phrases used in the ads only trigger curiosity,  leading more people to look up the incident and become biased.


The ads reportedly have been removed.

Source: Instiz

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