The Extreme Height Differences Between These Male And Female Idols Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Netizens are discovering so much fun and love in looking at the extreme height difference between male and female idols.

Looking at these photos will make you fall in love with these idols and their adorable height differences.

1. Tiny-G’s Dohee x U-KISS’s Kevin (151cm → 180cm)

2. SISTAR’s Hyorin x Cross Gene’s Takuya (164cm → 188cm)

3. Yoonha x Jung Joon Young (158cm → 184cm)

4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo x BTOB’s Sungjae (160cm → 180cm)

5. Red Velvet’s Wendy x EXO’s Chanyeol (165cm → 184cm)

6. LOVELYZ’s Baby Soul x BTS’s Jin (158cm → 179cm)

7. Red Velvet’s Irene x WINNER’s Mino (158cm → 181cm)

8. IU x Kim Woo Bin (161.8 → 187cm)

9. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany x BTS’s V (162cm → 179cm)

10. GFRIEND’s Eunha x GOT7’s Yugyeom (162cm → 183cm)

Source: Nate