This Eyebrow Style Has Become Female K-Pop Idols Favorite Makeup Trend

Straight eyebrows were the most popular makeup style amongst Korean women for the longest time, but that’s now changing. 

Fashion and makeup trends are often a fast moving thing in South Korea, but straight eyebrows have been in style for many years. The straight brow helps create an innocent and youthful appearance so it’s been a must-have for women.

K-Pop idols are now changing this fashion trend by choosing a slightly arched eyebrow style and other unique styles. While it may not seem like a big change, it’s definitely noticeable if you look closely!

Check out some idols who have started experimenting with new eyebrow styles below:


GFRIEND looking innocent with their old style of using straight brows.
Their new arched eyebrow style definitely suits the group’s new concept.


Suzy’s straight eyebrows helped her give off a sweet vibe here.
But her arched brows show a new, mature look.


Taeyeon has always had a baby face so straight eyebrows look amazing on her.
A slightly arched brow now gives her a more mature and elegant aura.


Seolhyun has become known as one of the sex icons of Korea, but these straight brows help give her an innocent look.
While the skirt helps her look sexy in this photo, the arched brows definitely add another dimension to her style.


Even as she gives off a mature and sexy stare, the straight eyebrows reveal her maknae status in this photo.
These arched brows complete her transformation into an elegant young woman.