Face Reader Evaluates Kang Daniel And TWICE Jihyo’s Compatibility, Here’s The Result

Do they make a compatible couple?

On TMI News, a face reader analyzed the facial features of TWICE‘s Jihyo and Kang Daniel and evaluated their compatibility as a couple, as per some of the points based on their face readings.


The analyst first commented that Jihyo has a round-shaped face with “mandarin duck eyes”. In the world of face reading, this means she is amiable – bound to be well received and liked by everyone around her.

People with the mandarin duck eyes are simply beloved by their surroundings. They are often friendly, gentle, and warm-hearted.

— Face Reader


In terms of compatibility, the analyst explained that Jihyo’s face is considered to be of the water element, while Kang Daniel’s face belongs more to the fire element. While they sound complete opposites…


… the analyst pointed out that such a combination can lead to a dynamic, stimulating, and passionate relationship.

Kang Daniel has the face of fire, while Jihyo has the face of water. They stimulate each other and were probably attracted by that. They’re probably having a lot of fun on their dates, because they intrigue each other.

— Face Reader


Fans are happy to hear, regardless of the scientific validity of face reader’s analysis, that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are compatible and good for each other. They are, after all, K-Pop’s power couple and relationship goals!


Watch the full clip here: