“Allowing This Face To Flop Is A Talent”—The Handsome K-Pop Group Netizens Say Is Being Wasted On “Nugudom”

They deserve more attention.

GHOST9 is a boy group under MAROO Entertainment who is currently a hot topic on Korean forums.

GHOST9 | @official.ghost9/Instagram

A fan of the group recently uploaded a community post bemoaning the lack of popularity of her favorite group. She described them as “flop-dols” (“flop idols”) due to their low social media engagement, low first week album sales, a stagnant rise in followers per month, and more.

Is there anyone who wants to join their fandom with me?

— Fan of GHOST9

What interested the viewers of this post even more was her mention of member Lee Jinwoo. The general public may remember him as the adorable trainee in Produce X 101 who was born in 2004. Just four years later, he grew up so much that he’s almost unrecognizable!

Lee Jinwoo in 2019
Lee Jinwoo in 2023 | @official.ghost9/Instagram

The other members, of course, also have visuals that scream “idol.” GHOST9 is also composed of JunhyungShinKangsungJunseongPrince, and Woojin.

| @official.ghost9/Instagram
| @official.ghost9/Instagram

Those who love the mysterious vibe will easily fall for Shin…

Shin | @official.ghost9/Instagram

…the gym buff lovers won’t be able to take their eyes off Junhyung…

Junhyung | @official.ghost9/Instagram

…and the fans of classically handsome good boys will line up in Woojin’s lane.

Woojin | @official.ghost9/Instagram

Of course, Jinwoo keeps impressing with his ultra-cool aura as well.

| @official.ghost9/Instagram

Netizens replied to the fan post with the likes of, “To be able to make this face flop is a talent,” “Instead of calling them ‘flop-dols,’ it’s more appropriate to say ‘wasted-dols’ because they are so handsome,” and “If this kind of visual is a flop then the idol industry is strange.”

| @official.ghost9/Instagram

GHOST9 debuted in September 2020 with their album Pre Episode 1: Door. Their most recent comeback was on April 7, 2022 with the title track “X-Ray.”

Source: Pann