The Failed TikTok “Challenge” That Just Pissed Off Koreans

It was totally uncalled for.

A failed TikTok challenge made headlines in Korea but for all the wrong reasons. A Korean netizen uploaded a post on an online community where they expressed their concerns about the alleged TikTok challenge. They shared a gif of the challenge, which shows a female going up to an unknown Korean male and hugging him without warning or consent. The man looked visibly taken aback as he put his hands up and away from the woman’s body.

In these close-up photos of the said challenge, viewers can see the female going in for the hug, at which the man dips his body back in an effort to dodge her embrace.

| TikTok

As the woman maintains her hug, the man looks directly at the person behind the camera looking visibly confused and distraught.

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Even until the very end of the “challenge,” the man refused to reciprocate the hug, as he keeps his hands away from her body.

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This post garnered heavy attention and made headlines on numerous different media sites. Netizens chimed in with their personal thoughts, with the overall consensus being that this “challenge” crossed a line and that it may be sexual harassment.

| theqoo
  • “This is a challenge…? I think it’s sexual harassment.”
  • “Even if you did that to someone of the same gender, it would be f*cking weird and scary. They crossed the line for a few laughs.”
  • “??? This is not a challenge, but rather sexual harassment… What are they doing in a foreign country? If you want to do something like this, do it in your own country, but I’m assuming they don’t want to go to jail.”
  • “Why the f*ck would they do something like that?”
  • “WTF? What are they doing in a foreign country?”
  • “Are they crazy…? What are they doing…?”
  • “They’re filming without consent, and it’s sexual harassment.”
  • “Ugh, it’s that stupid TikTok ruining everything.”
  • “Why are they doing that?????”
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The original user in question has since privated their TikTok account, which previously had multiple videos of themselves approaching random Korean men and having physical contact with them.

Source: TheQoo and Tumblr