Faker Opens up About the Kind of Childhood He Had Before He Became a Legendary Pro Gamer

Faker’s family wasn’t very well off when he was growing up.

Pro gamer, Lee Sang Hyuk, also known as Faker, recently spoke about his childhood and family life in an interview with Joseon Ilbo.

It’s been previously revealed that Faker got good grades in school, didn’t dye his hair or get tattoos, and always wore a plain white t-shirt.

Faker shared, “I don’t smoke, and I don’t like to drink. Fans like this about me. I feel like I should be proper and behave well for the young fans that look up to me.

Faker is known to be modest, hard-working, and friendly, and he even revealed that he pays for his friends when they go out to eat.

Despite the large income he has, the most he ever spent was on his family’s house 4 years ago.

Faker confessed, “I don’t go home that often, but I feel proud to see my family doing well without much financial difficulty.

Faker also shared that his family wasn’t very well off when he was growing up, but that it didn’t affect his childhood very much.

He explained, “Since I was able to game as much as I wanted, I didn’t think about how poor we were. I collected my bus money in order to go to the PC room.

Faker is now a legendary gamer in the e-sports industry who is loved and admired by many.

Source: Dispatch