Korean Netizens Are Falling In Love With SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And His Husband Material Qualities

He’s the man of everyone’s dreams!

SEVENTEEN‘s Dino recently celebrated his birthday. His members posted a lot of photos and videos of Dino’s birthday celebration where all thirteen members gathered and enjoyed their time together. They bought Dino two cakes, sang him a happy birthday, and had wide smiles plastered across their faces!

Dino also held a live broadcast on the day of his birthday to celebrate and thank fans for their love and support.

On his live broadcast he shared how touched he was by what his members did and gave him. He mentioned how Hoshi and S.Coups bought him a chocolate cake, and how Jeonghan and Mingyu gave him flowers.

Dino revealed that he was really touched by the flowers his hyungs gave him because he personally prefers small and touching gifts such as those compared to more materialistic items. He also explained the meaning behind the roses they gave him where there are 12 orange roses, representing the rest of the members, surrounding one yellow rose, which represents Dino, in the middle.

Orange roses are said to deliver the meaning of being proud of someone, and yellow roses are associated with the sun which gives off warm feelings of friendship.

Seeing this, many netizens shared that they wanted to marry Mingyu because of his sweet and touching gesture! His attention to detail is also being praised and is turning everyone into his fan! Even netizens who usually find people who want to marry idols weird can’t help but express their desire to marry Mingyu!

Mingyu is not only very handsome, he is also a sweet and caring person, and has lots of husband-like qualities, it is no wonder that many people even outside of the Carat fandom want to marry him!

Source: Nate Pann