Famous Actors Replaced And All Scenes Reshot Due To Sexual Harrassment Scandal 

Their sexual misconduct has thrown several productions into chaos.

With Choi Il Hwa and Oh Dal Su acknowledging claims of sexual harassment, the film industry has fallen into an emergency situation.


The production affected the most is the film, With The Gods 2, already confirmed for a release this summer.


The film was set to star both actors and they had already agreed to reshoot Oh Dal Soo’s scenes following his scandal when Choi Il Hwa’s admission came to light.

“We have agreed for a reshoot. As a result, the appearances of the artist will be edited. But there is no specific schedule or alternative actor.”


Since admitting to the claims, both actors are being replaced in their other drama projects including tvN’s My Mister and possibly I Want to See Your Parents Face and Neighbors.

Veteran Korean Actor Publicly Admits That He Sexually Harassed Women


Choi Il Hwa also stepped down as chairman of the Korean Actors Association and professor at Sejong University.


Source: Osen and ISPlus
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