This Famous Idol Wore A Maid’s Uniform And Left Everyone Speechless… For The Wrong Reasons

On the November 11 broadcast of SNL Korea, this idol appeared on a solo skit and left viewers speechless when the idol appeared on screen with a maid’s outfit.

The skit was parodying the 2010 film “The Housemaid,” where the main character wears a maid’s outfit. 

What surprised everyone wasn’t the choice of outfit or the sexualization of the idol but something completely different!

The idol was not a female idol… The idol was a male idol… The idol was none other than…

Super Junior’s Leeteuk! 

Everyone couldn’t believe that the maid in the skit was Leeteuk because his legs were as thin or thinner than a girl’s!

Leeteuk has thin legs but no one could believe that they would look as thin as that!

Check out Leeteuk portion of the skit below!