These Famous Idols Are Actually A Part Of A Secret Gathering

This elite gamer’s club is packed with visual idols!

BTOB‘s Eunkwang, BTS‘s Jin, Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon, VIXX‘s Ken, and B.A.P‘s Youngjae have accepted a new member, JBJ‘s Kwon Hyunbin, to their secret gathering, “Woorineun-Choigang-Idol (우리는 최강 아이돌)”, also known as the “Woo-Choi-Ah (우최아)” Club for short.


The Woo-Choi-Ah Club, translated as “We are the Best Idols” club, is actually a League of Legends gaming circle formed by BTOB’s Eunkwang.

Eunkwang’s love for League of Legends is well known among his fans.


During his latest live broadcast, Eunkwang mentioned adding Kwon Hyunbin as the newest member of the club.


Eunkwang explained the club members often go online together to play League of Legends.


He also mentioned he wants to hang out with the club members in person as well, but with everyone’s schedule being so packed, he explained it isn’t easy to put together.

Fans reacted with excitement, asking Eunkwang to take a lot of pictures should the members ever all get together. Last time some of the members were spotted together, they had seafood and drinks in Gangnam.


This isn’t the first time Eunkwang talked about the Woo-Choi-Ah Club. When Park Jihoon first joined, Eunkwang mentioned he’s a great “support”, one of the 5 roles of the game.


Now a 6-member gaming circle with Kwon Hyunbin, the Woo-Choi-Ah club has fans awaiting its next gathering and the invaluable pictures to follow.

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