This Famous Korean Streamer Lost 160 Pounds, Here’s What He looks Like Now

This famous Korean streamer has lost a huge amount of weight.

Afreeca TV is a platform similar to Youtube Live where Broadcasting Jockeys, or BJs, hold live streams with their followers. One of the most popular categories of live streaming on the platform is dedicated to mukbang, or eating broadcasts. One BJ, Loan Shark, who was popular for his mukbangs recently lost an incredible amount of weight.

He originally weighed 130 kilograms or approximately 290 pounds. Not surprising with all the excessive eating he did on his broadcasts. His live streams became so famous his videos were even showcased by Conan O’Brien.

He has now dropped down to 57.4 kilograms which is only 127 pounds! That means he now weighs less than half of what he originally did.

Can you believe this is the same person?

Source: Bada TV