No One Else But This Famous Man Can Make BTS’s V Giggle And Blush

We’d give a kidney to be him.

BTS‘s V is an absolute teddy bear but only one man (outside of BTS!) can make him giggle and blush like a fanboy.

Look at how smiley he is below.

The lucky man that holds V’s heart is none other than the famous celebrity chef himself, Baek Jong Won. The master chef collaborated with BTS for their reality show, Run BTS!. Thanks to his friendly attitude and care towards the members, many ARMYs have been showing their gratitude to him.

In particular, he once helped V by rolling up his sleeves.

The moment had V all giggly as he thanked the chef.

Regularly, V also constantly shows his admiration and affection for the chef, while fans have complimented him for his perfect manners in front of elders.

As if we needed another reason to love V! Now we just have to figure out how to become Baek Jong Won.

Source: pann