A Fan Asked Jennie What She Uses to Clean Her Washroom, Her Answer Will Surprise You

Where can we get one of those?

Have you ever wondered what Jennie uses to clean her washroom?

Well, one fan has, and when she asked Jennie in person, Jennie responded in a way that made everyone laugh.

At a recent fan signing for Jennie’s solo song, “SOLO”, one fan asked, “What do you use to clean your washroom?

In response to the random question, Jennie recited her “SOLO” lyrics, “Shining solo“.

  • Sol” means brush in Korean, so reciting her lyrics “Shining solo” was a pun meaning “With a shining brush.

Jennie even did the dance move to the lyrics and took another jab her fans’ hearts.

She even asked, “I wonder who made that brush” in a cute way.

The adorable clip can be watched below:

Source: Insight