A Fan Asked To Marry Odi, And TXT’s Soobin Answered Like A Total Dad

His response was just as funny as his reaction.

TXT‘s Soobin isn’t the only member receiving love from fans. His pet hedgehog Odi has won over MOAs’ hearts with their cuteness.

One fan even asked to stay by Odi’s side forever, causing a hilarious reaction from Soobin that had fans laughing.

Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

During the group’s live broadcast to celebrate their fan club anniversary, Beomgyu read a fan’s interesting question out loud, “Can I marry with Odi?

Soobin was shocked and asked if they were actually referring to his pet hedgehog and not a person.

He then reacted like a total dad, making all the members laugh. Soobin answered, “Wait, not my son.

Taehyun tried to give the fan a fair chance by pointing out that Soobin “didn’t even ask who she is.” Still, Soobin wasn’t ready to allow anyone the right to take his precious hedgehog’s hand in marriage.

Although TXT and the lovable Odi won’t be tying the knot any time soon, at least everyone can laugh at the hilarious attempts.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Source: Naver Live