A Fan Asked TXT’s Taehyun To Choose Her Hairstyle, Here’s What He Suggested

It was no problem at all for him.

TXT‘s Taehyun loves to help fans with whatever problems they may have through his Counseling Center live broadcasts. This time, a fan wanted to change up their hairstyle and asked for his help. He was more than prepared to tackle the request.

Taehyun read the fan’s concerns: “I’m trying to decide what to do. Short hair, long hair, dyed, or permed hair. It’s a serious concern. Taehyun, choose for me.”

With so many options and most likely not knowing what the fan looked like, he admitted, “This is a hard choice.” Despite that, he was prepared to help the fan choose, giving her advice as he walked through the options.

Regarding the lengths short and long, Taehyun found that it depended on the person’s neck. “Short hair looks good on necks that are a certain length, and the same goes for long hair.” He had similar advice for dyed hair.

Rather than selecting a hair color based on merely liking the shade, Taehyun pointed out how it’s better to choose based on how well it would complement their skin. “The skin tone decides what color dye looks good on you.”

Although he provided this information for the fan to make her own decision and even to try new things, he did reveal his choice. Rather than selecting only one, he gave her an order to follow.

His first choice is cutting her hair short. Then, she could perm it. After trying out those two, she could grow it out and then dye it. “I recommend this order. Dyeing is last since it can damage your hair.”

If you’re unsure of what to do with your own hair, Taehyun’s advice may point you in the right direction. Listen to his advice here, starting sixteen minutes in.