A Fan Asked TXT’s Soobin If He Was Hiding Angel Wings, And His Response Is Melting Hearts

He responded with his whole chest.

On TXT‘s Weverse, a fan asked Soobin a question that he had too much fun responding to.


And, the thought he put into his answer had the hearts of fans melting.

The MOA started off by asking if Soobin had fallen from the sky and if he could possibly be an angel. They even went as far as asking if he’d hidden his wings.

When Soobin responded, he didn’t deny any of it. Instead, he said that he was mixed race and that his mother was an angel.

And, it was such an unexpectedly sweet answer that fans couldn’t deal with how “pure” it was.

Soobin may be one of the oldest members and the leader of the group, but that doesn’t stop him from saying precious things like this.