Jessi Was Asked Whether She Or Her Dog Chewie Was Cuter And Her Answer Might Surprise You

Our answer would have been “both”!

When rapper Jessi posted this sweet picture to her precious pup’s Instagram account (@softandchewie), she probably wasn’t expecting anyone to ask who is cuter—her or her dog Chewie. While other fans were quick to respond that “both” were cute, Jessie’s answer might surprise you.

Responding directly to the question from Chewie’s account, Jessi replied that Chewie is the cuter of the two!

Jessi has shown time and time again how much she loves Chewie, so although her response may have been a bit surprising, it wasn’t altogether unexpected. The original poster even joked, “I can’t believe she noticed this comment… Scientists and experts will be pondering this question for years to come.”