Netizens Can’t Help But Smile At RIIZE Anton’s Adorable Reaction To Telling A Fan His Secret

We can’t get enough of him!

An online community post recently gained much attention for a fan’s video call with RIIZE’s Anton. In the video, the fan asks them to share a secret with one another, and Anton’s reaction to this couldn’t be more adorable!

Fan: Since we’ll see each other for a long time, let’s share a secret with one another. I won’t tell anyone. My secret is something that even my parents don’t know! *tells secret*

Anton: *shares his secret* I’ve never told anyone this.

Fans who saw the video couldn’t help but smile at how he thought hard about what to say before telling a secret that he has never told anyone.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Ah so cute.”
  • “Wait so he really told a secret?
  • “He’s so cute and pure, but I almost feel a bit bad for him lol.”
  • “Lolol he could’ve just said anything, but seeing him taking it seriously is so cute.”
  • “Why is he so cute…I even feel a bit bad for him lol..but I’m curious..did he live overseas before?”

But if you thought that was cute, just see how adorable he is even when hanging up for a video call! Although time was up for the call and the screen went blank, he still said his goodbye!

Eat something yummy and I’ll see you tomorrow noona!

— RIIZE’s Anton

Now if that isn’t adorable, we don’t know what is! On the other hand, be sure to check out RIIZE’s newest release, “Talk Saxy!”

Source: theqoo