Fan Bing Bing’s brother is training to become an idol

K-Pop fans must watch out because Fan Bing Bing’s brother is a trainee in South Korea to become an idol.

It was reported that his label, Yuehua Entertainment confirmed that Fan Cheng Cheng, is indeed Fan Bing Bing’s brother and he is training in South Korea.

“Fan Cheng Cheng has been a trainee in Korea for almost a year now. He loves Korea and is preparing diligently for his debut.”

— A Representative from Yuehua Entertainment

Yuehua Entertainment has its headquarters in China but has many K-Pop artists, such as Cosmic Girls’ Chengxiao and Hyeongseop X Euiwoong’s Euiwoon and Hyeongseob.

It’s said that Fan Cheng Cheng is fluent in English as well as his native language of Chinese, and is learning Korean at very fast pace as well.

Fan Bing Bing is considered one of the biggest stars in China and has starred in Hollywood movies such as X-Men: Days of the Future Past.

Netizens are freaking out about the amazing visual that Fan Cheng Cheng has, just like his older sister.

Although he is in China currently to star in iQiyi’s Idol Producer (Produce 101 of China), fans are wondering if he would debut in Korea to become a K-Pop star.

Source: Naver