A Fan Claimed TXT’s Hueningkai Looks Like Angel When He Sleeps—His Members Hilariously Exposed How He Doesn’t

His members didn’t hold back in telling the truth.

The members of TXT recently sat down for a fun time “IDDP” for 1theK as they searched various content of themselves on the internet.

Each member took a turn at looking and reacting to several comments and content about them. When Hueningkai’s turn came up, he came across a comment that stated, “Hueningkai looks like an angel when he sleeps.”

Flattered, Hueningkai agreed with the user’s comment and replied, “Of course.” While Hueningkai confirmed it, his members had a different opinion on the matter.

Taehyun hilariously exposed Hueningkai and revealed, “His sleeping posture has become a little strange these days.” The members seemed to agree with Taehyun’s statement as they all immediately laughed, including Hueningkai.

Beomgyu demonstrated just how “strange” Hueningkai’s sleeping posture is. Though it looked silly, his fellow members agreed and Soobin responded, “Right right!! he bends his arm like this.”

Hueningkai couldn’t seem to deny that he does not sleep in that pose and just smiled while his members playfully exposed him.

Check out the video below: