This Fan Cover Of BTS’s “Go Go” Perfectly Encapsulates Every ARMY’s Struggle To Get Ahold Of Tickets

“You’d better get your sword drawn out for World War III.”

Die-hard BTS fan and Twitter user Sugajinkookieee summed up every A.R.M.Y‘s struggle to score tickets in her rewritten cover of “Go Go”.


She prefaced her rewritten cover with an angry shoutout to Big Hit Entertainment and the official ticket vendors for BTS’s world tour, Ticketmaster and Powerhouse Live. Then, she started to sing.

“Ticketmaster, Powerhouse, Big Hit. I’m pissed.”  —  Sugajinkookieee


“Tickets, tickets. I’ve been searching for them all day. Tickets, tickets. Made me get a damn headache.”


“I’ve been searching for tickets like I’m searching for Nemo. Got all these tabs open, looking like a damn weirdo.”


“I’ve been in the waiting room for a damn year though. I’m just trying to get my tickets and bounce, bro. 


“I’ve been waiting for an hour, feeling really anxious. I want my tickets today.” 


“But life isn’t fair, and baby this ain’t a game!”


“If you want to succeed, fool, you’d better pray!”


“You’d better get ready, prepare yourself so you can succeed.” 


“You’d better get your sword drawn out for World War III.”


“Tickets, tickets. Getting them is so hard! Breaking my heart!”

Sugajinkookieee’s patience levels plummet as her frustration levels shoot up.


“Loading, loading, loading, yeah. Sorry, you just got beat by a fan. What? What?”

Her lyrics point out the excruciating wait times and disappointment every fan felt each time they clicked on “available” tickets.


“Loading, loading, loading, yeah. There’s some tickets here! Sorry, you might have to re-sign in. Re-sign in?”

Long wait times also cause some fans to get booted from the ticket sites.


“Loading, loading, loading, yeah. No more tickets, yeah. Sorry, you might have to check again!”


At this point, a little boy pops up in the video. He could easily represent people outside of the BTS fandom who just don’t understand A.R.M.Y’s crippling stress.

He laughs and dances while Sugajinkookieee writhes in pure agony.


Unfortunately, Sugajinkookieee did not end up getting BTS tickets. She is not alone. Other unlucky fans lamented on Twitter after each ticket sale ended.


Tickets for each show sold out in just minutes.


Sugajinkookieee’s hilarious “Go Go” cover has been retweeted thousands of times. Fans expressed their love for it, and for Sugajinkookieee, through tweets.


Some fans loved it so much that they did covers of her cover!


Fans who did manage to get tickets hope fellow A.R.M.Ys, like Sugajinkookieee, will be able to see BTS one day too. Check out her cover below: