Fan creates ARMY’s Version of BTS’s song “2! 3!”

An ARMY recently made a song dedicated to BTS to tell them how she felt and ARMYs are in love with the song asking BTS to listen to it.

An ARMY uploaded a video of her version of BTS’s song “2! 3!” and it’s making fans fall in love. The song was uploaded on YouTube under the name WTF Bangtan and began trending on Twitter shortly after.

The fan decided to tell BTS how she felt about them through her own version of this song. She sings in the point of view of an ARMY and helps the entire fandom speak through her song. Throughout the song, she sings of how much she cares about them and will always support them.

“Lay on us when dark times come and surround you. Our light will help you to get through. Our love is gonna heal you.”

— WTF Bangtan

After hearing the song, fans agreed with much of the lyrics, including lines about the group members’ health and fans’ undying support.

“Wonder if you’ve eaten. Are you guys taking care of yourselves? We can’t think about anything else.”

— WTF Bangtan

Hoping that BTS will watch the video and know how they feel, ARMYs have begun using the hashtag #BTSNoticeArmySong to make the video trend.

Check out ARMY’s version of the song below!