This Fan Designed Red Velvet Light Stick May Soon Become An Official SM Merchandise

Some fans’ idea for Red Velvet’s light stick is gaining so much popularity with fans online that even the group’s staff have seen it. 

Recently, a number of fans circulated a design of their proposed light stick. According to the details, the light stick was inspired by Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” concept and official color. The light stick itself is a white stick with silver embossed details. The light can change into different colors according to each member and can flicker or beat as well.

A 3D version of the design was also shared and captured the attention of Korean and international fans alike. A tweet from a Korean fan further hinted that the concept may have been seen by the group’s staff members.

According to the update, a proposal to make this Red Velvet’s official light stick will be handed into SM Entertainment. The original fans who created the design were also reported to have sent a template to SM Entertainment.

At present, Red Velvet remains busy promoting their latest track, “Rookie.”