Fan Gets Dumped By Date After His Fanboying Over Girl Group Goes Viral

He met the girl group he was fanboying over and shared the story.

Of the funniest viral fan reactions, one was a fanboy’s reaction to After School‘s “BANG!” from Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. It once again became a hot topic following the group’s reunion for SBS‘s MMTG.

Even ten years later, it was such a funny moment that idols like SEVENTEEEN‘s Seungkwan and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong couldn’t resist imitating the fanboy’s open-mouthed kisses. In fact, the fanboy was tracked down for the reunion as well.

The fanboy revealed his name was Choi Hyun Woo and shared the backstory behind the viral kisses, including how it cost him a girlfriend.

Choi Hyun Woo revealed his hand movements were inspired by “BANG!” and said, “And there is a dance like this in their choreography.

Based on what he felt in the moment, Choi Hyun Woo put his own twist on it. Causing laughter among the members, he explained, “I mean, I was very shocked, but I wanted to blow kisses.

While Choi Hyun Woo’s reaction became a hot topic, he revealed a piece of information no one had known. He hadn’t gone to the late-night show alone. Choi Hyun Woo expressed regret that he’d reacted that way in front of a woman he’d been dating.

To make things a lot worse, I was with a girl. I think I was crazy.

She was right next to me. Why did I do that? What kind of girl would like that?

— Choi Hyun Woo

Wanting to know how the relationship panned out, Raina asked, “I guess it didn’t work out for you?

Causing even more laughter, Choi Hyun Woo revealed that he’d been completely ghosted by his date, “We left the hall and when the program aired, I couldn’t get hold of her.

With the moment happening in 2010, Choi Hyun Woo most likely has had better luck in the love department over the years, especially after aging so handsomely.

And how many fanboys can say they’ve shared their story of heartbreak with the very group they were fanboying over? Check out the backstory behind the funny reaction here.