A Fan Edited The BTS Dolls To Look Accurate and ARMYs are Living For It

Fans are saying it looks even better than the original design.

Following the criticism Mattel received over their BTS dolls, a fan on Twitter has edited the dolls to look more accurate to the member’s actual features.

The fan first uploaded her edited picture of doll V, where she fixed his hairstyle.

She then fixed Jimin’s hair, eyebrows, and jaw shape.

After that was J-Hope. She fixed his hair, eyebrows, and lessened the make-up Mattel originally gave the doll.

Then follows RM, whose hair and eyebrows were also fixed. She also lowered the eyes of the RM doll.

After that followed the Suga doll. She already found the doll pretty, so all she changed was the hair.

Now it’s Jin’s time. We can all agree that Jin’s eyebrows are pretty thick, so the user made sure to give Jin stronger brows. They also edited his hair.

And of course, it’s the maknae Jungkook’s turn. She didn’t edit much other than his hairstyle. She couldn’t resist making his lips more pink, though!

Fans were impressed with how they looked after the editing and praised the Twitter user for creating this. Some wondered why Mattel couldn’t make the dolls look like her work instead, but the user was quick to defend the company by saying that they did their best. She did comment that they could have fixed their hair and the coloring, though.

What do you think? Do you prefer how the dolls look like edited or do you prefer the original Mattel ones?

Source: @smol309